The Program in Ministry and Human Services uses the experiences of marginalized populations, particularly those based on race, economic status and gender, to help shape the curriculum.  The Ministry and Human Services program includes, but is not limited to:

College Writing I & II

Introduction to the Old Testament

Introduction to the New Testament

Contemporary Theology

Introduction to Christian Ethics

History of Christianity

Sociology of Religion

Introduction to World Religions

Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

Additional courses frequently offered include:  Introduction to Social Work, Homiletics and Child Development.  The total school year is 2 semesters of 15 weeks each.  Generally, five courses are taken during each semester.  Often, summer and winter inter-sessions are offered as well.

Student Admission Requirements

The program accepts applications from mature inmates who posses a high school diploma or its equivalent and are engaged in some form of ministry or community service while incarcerated.

Since the program receives many more applications than we can accept, we select candidates who have the skills and attitude most consistent with successful completion of the program.  Students are required to commit themselves to the entire program and complete all the classes in one year.  No classes may be omitted.  The intensity of the program contributes to its success as a tool for personal transformation.

The application process requires:

  • an application
  • a written essay
  • references
  • a written examination
  • a personal interview