College Transfers

NCCRS and Rising Hope

Rising Hope has been in existence for over 20 years, offering a year long program of eleven courses.  Five of these course offerings have already been rigorously evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) of the University of the State of New York and have been recommended for college credit.  Additional courses have been submitted.  Good news for our alumni: this recommendation is retroactive for five years, meaning men who completed these courses since 2011 may receive credit for these courses from the college to which they apply.

The evaluation process takes place in this way.  The National College Recommendation Service staff assembles a team of three college or university professors to review each Rising Hope course which has been submitted.  Each professor is himself or herself a teacher in the subject area of the course under review.  Each professor goes over the syllabus, hand-outs,  examinations and other work which has been assigned for the course.  The Rising Hope professor has submitted representative samples of student work for each assessment (a student assignment or test which was graded A, one graded B and one graded C).  In this way the reviewing professor determines if the course actually meets  college standards and the appropriate credit for the course. Rising Hope is not a college and cannot offer college credit.  This means that Rising Hope courses would not apply to the Limited Credit Time Allowance.

Many colleges and universities have expressed a willingness to consider courses which a student has successfully completed and which have met NCCRS standards.  There are no guarantees.  Every school makes admissions and academic decisions on a case-by-case basis. The following schools and universities are particularly friendly to adult learner, non-traditional students:

  • Empire State College Granite State College
  • Thomas Edison State University Excelsior College
  • Charter Oak College Nyack College

There is a wide range of possibilities. Rising Hope courses which have received NCCRS  credit recommendations will more likely be accepted in some programs than in others. A college may grant  college credit for a course completed or waive a required  prerequisite or required course. When looking at a college, it is important to contact the Admissions Office or Registrar’s Office to learn what the policies are of that particular institution and how they might apply to the courses which you have taken with Rising Hope. Although a description of each course which has been evaluated by NCCRS is listed on the NCCRS website, NCCRS suggests that students keep a copy of the syllabus for each course they have taken should more detail be needed in the admission process.

When it comes time to apply, the Rising Hope academic record can be obtained by a request in writing sent to:

Rising Hope, Inc.
230 King’s Mall Ct.  #124
Kingston, NY 12401.
The record will be sent directly to the college or university listed in the request.
There is no charge for this.

Nyack College
In September of 2012, Nyack College signed an agreement with Rising Hope.  Rising Hope alumni who apply to Nyack College’s Organizational Management degree program and are accepted will be granted transfer credit for up to 30 credit hours of Rising Hope courses.